Posted by: forquilombo | January 2, 2011

The Health of Our Planet = Our Survival or Defeat

Of all the many experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of while living here in the middle of the Pacific I am most grateful for the beauty of the natural environment. Over the years I have grown to appreciate the fact that I awake to the sound of various tropical birds everyday (except when I am too stressed or pissed to notice), that I can go to the depths of the ocean and swim in the middle of all types of exotic fish and other marine life, and that I can see and smell the blossoms and fragrant nectar of all sorts of fruit trees and flowers.

There are those that have lived on this Rock their entire lives and have grown weary of the sameness of their surroundings. Likewise, there are those that visit and can’t wait to get back to “civilization.” This is the second time I have called this place my home and I believe I shall spend the last of however many days I have left in this realm, right here.

I was supposed to go on a hike today and take a few pictures of one of the lighthouses located on Oahu and compile them in a series of photos entitled, Lighthouses of Oahu. However, for some other reason, when I awoke at 3:30 am I decided to ride to Diamond Head Beach and snap a few photos of the sunrise. To my dismay when I arrived there my camera was not in the car so all I got was this one with my cellphone:

As I stood there watching the surfers brave the cold waters of the Pacific, the bicyclists slowly capture the hill to the top of the road, and the packs of runners and walkers training for the Great Aloha Run (folks have been joining walk/run clinics and getting together to train and prepare for the GAR next month on the weekends) I felt both humbled and saddened at the same time.

I felt saddened because of the realization I have had for some time now about the alarming rate in which we humans are steadily advancing the imminent decline of sustainable places in which to successfully co-habitate on this planet (our ONLY home) with each other and with other species as well. On the flip side I felt humbled because I have finally matured enough to accept responsibility for my own actions, vice unmindfully flinging them upon another, and how I feel I now have the courage to seek positive ways in which I might stave off making where I reside a complete dumping ground or a vast wasteland/fill.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I am in no way criticizing or blaming or pointing the finger at those that are less aware. I am just ranting and venting about what I feel is a very dire situation. Truth be told, I believe there really isn’t much that will change the minds of the masses unless something drastic happens that will awaken us all from our slumber, and I don’t mean a government sponsored terror threat or celebrity/religious/political charitable telethon scheme.

I see so many of us that are so comfortable with slowly simmering and stewing in the proverbial pot that they rarely even notice obvious changes in the expressions of others they come into contact with on a daily basis (like during a conversation when you barely get to say more than a few syllables edgewise but the other person whom only pauses long enough to suck in enough breath to continue their one-sided conversation hasn’t noticed that they asked you a (apparently rhetorical) question and when you FINALLY do get a chance to begin to even start to respond they all of a sudden have to bounce) so how can we/they really recognize the continual subtle nuances our environment has been increasingly giving us?




Natural Environment…

All I am ultimately trying to convey is that I wish we could come together for the common cause of saving our own asses, collectively. Is this not a cause worthy of a good ranting?!?

Mama Nature (ravaged & abused)

*closes eyes and mentally dives into the depths of the ocean with a Sacred Honu*

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