Posted by: forquilombo | December 31, 2010

New Year Revolution/Change

As we stand at the threshold of the eleventh year of a new millennium it saddens me how we, as a species, still can’t seem to get it together. Many of us still argue, fight, kill, and destroy in the name of various religions whose main supreme central character remains completely silent while his or her or its fanatic and overzealous followers self-destruct, making useless the essence of their so-called sacred and over-revised texts to non-believers.

Despite vast advances in technology, science, and medicine we still have wars, genocide, disease, cultural prejudices, slavery, assassinations, vulnerable nations overthrown and reoccupied by various rogue nations, famine, political scandals, etc. The list goes on and on yet, regardless of these atrocities, many of us still consider ourselves “civilized” or “more advanced” than our “primitive” or “savage” ancestors. I beg to differ. I see a planet filled with unique and beautiful human beings that have yet to truly and fully comprehend their purpose. Individuals that seem to think progress equals the destruction or control of another, their so-called “enemy.” People whom have yet to realize solidarity equals strength. That understanding, acceptance, and patience, not war and segregation, begets harmony and peace. As the world continues to connect, electronically, the smaller our planet will become; and while the prospect of any one of us alive today ever inhabiting another planet may sound plausible, it is as asinine as believing that we can continue to survive on Earth without making revolutionary resolutions to change our self-destructive ways. Instead of “praying” for “Peace” this time of year, why not make a conscious effort to facilitate positive change in the New Year? Or has “Peace” also become a commercialized cliché like “Merry Christmas?”


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